BedoukianBio Offers Customers Helpful New Features on a New Website

Bedoukian Research Inc.’s pheromone business, BedoukianBio, launched a brand-new website with new features designed to help its base of current customers as well as prospective new customers. The new website, BedoukianBio.com, was launched in early-January.  It has a new look, navigation, content areas and the home page features an engaging video.  More importantly are some … Read more

BedoukianBio Announces New Pheromone to Address Olive Fruit Fly Infestation

BedoukianBio, the leader in pheromone and semiochemical technical grade active ingredient registrations in the US, is excited to announce the addition of a new pheromone to help control the problematic olive fruit fly. It is now available for manufacturing use of end-use agricultural products. The olive fruit fly (Bactrocera oleae) is the most serious insect … Read more

BedoukianBio Announces Commercial Availability of Clothes Moth Pheromones

BedoukianBio is pleased to announce the availability of Bedoukian #P5100-85, e,z-2,13-OCTADECADIENAL, and Bedoukian #P5300-85, e-2-Octadecenal, as pheromones specifically designed to manage the infestation of Tineola Biselliella.  The process has been improved, making both of these two chemicals available in larger quantities. Tineola Bisselliella, known as the common clothes moth, clothing moth or webbing clothes moth, … Read more