Bedoukian Bio has Acquired New Line of Plant Stimulant Products

Bedoukian Bio has acquired the technology assets of New Biology Inc.  The product line includes ready-to-use sprays and concentrates for promoting healthier garden plants. These products incorporate patent protected technology that triggers the jasmonic acid plant hormone pathway, which is the plant’s natural way of enhancing defenses to environmental stress.  The products enhance resistance to environmental stresses including drought, disease, low temperature stress and salt stress. Treated plants suffer less damage and are better able to rebound from these everyday stresses. In addition to aiding stress tolerance, when used on flowering plants, the treatments promote long-lasting blooms and increased vase-life of cut flowers. This acquisition adds to Bedoukian’s growing green pest control portfolio, which currently includes insect repellents, pheromones, attractants, plant stimulants, and other biopesticides. For questions about partnership or availability of this technology, please contact us at [email protected].