Product Information

BedoukianBio Creates Target-Specific Sustainable Pest Management Solutions

Semiochemicals are natural substances emitted by one organism to convey a signal to another organism in order to influence its behavior or physiology. Semiochemicals use a non-toxic mode of action and may be used to attract, repel or disrupt the mating patterns of targeted insect populations.

Bedoukian offers a variety of semiochemicals including pheromones, kairomones, and other biochemical products that target specific insect pests in the agriculture, forestry, stored products, and residential pest control industries. Our products have been used across the world for monitoring and scouting, mass trapping, anti-aggregation, attractants, and mating disruptors. 

Each batch we produce is meticulously checked for compliance with specifications. For registered pheromones, this includes any impurity over 0.1% which must be identified, described, and held to the region’s requirements.

For a complete listing of the pheromone and biochemical products that Bedoukian offers, go to our i-Catalog to identify BedoukianBio products that meet your needs. Or, use our Advanced Search feature to find specific products in our database. And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].