Ordering and Shipping

Getting BedoukianBio Semiochemical Products is Easy

To receive any of our great semiochemical products, complete our Product Quote or call our Customer Service Department at 203-830-4000. Our representatives are available Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Eastern Time (U.S.)

Bedoukian does not offer free samples of semiochemicals. Please contact your Customer Service Representative for pricing on whatever size order you need.

Shipping of your BedoukianBio Order

Shipments are made from Danbury, Connecticut (U.S.) by common carrier as we, in our sole judgment, may deem appropriate. In general, U.S. domestic shipments are sent via Federal Express or UPS Ground, and export shipments are sent via Federal Express air. When necessary, or requested, alternate shipping arrangements can be made in compliance with applicable regulations.

Additional Shipping Fees

Due to airline regulations, there may be an extra freight charge for items considered “dangerous goods”. Materials classified as dangerous goods are noted in the specification sheet and our Customer Service Department can provide additional information related to shipping of your specific order.

Purchases of Unregistered Pheromones outside of the U.S.

A signed foreign purchaser acknowledgment statement (FPAS) is required for purchases of pheromones and other semiochemicals not registered with the US EPA and intended solely for export to a foreign country (including research substances that are being exported for testing). The FPAS is an acknowledgment that the purchaser understands that the material is not registered for use in the U. S. and cannot be sold in the United States.

For additional questions, please contact our Customer Service Department.