Protecting Crop Yields

Developing the Pheromones and Semiochemicals
Critical to Controlling Pests

A Leader in Pheromone and Semiochemical Products

A Global Leader in Pheromone and Semiochemical Solutions

BedoukianBio boasts a comprehensive and rapidly growing portfolio of technical grade pheromones and semiochemicals for use in insect monitoring, mass trapping, repellency or mating disruption in agriculture, forestry, residential, and stored products.  Bedoukian has more pheromone and semiochemical technical grade active ingredient registrations than any other company in the U.S. according to the listings in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Pesticide Product and Label System (February 2023), and BedoukianBio is rapidly growing throughout the world.

Deep Expertise in Developing Semiochemical Solutions

Deep Expertise in Developing Semiochemical Solutions and a Thorough Commitment to Service

All of our products meet or exceed minimum purity levels and we work to ensure those products are delivered when you need them.  Our team of expert chemists, entomologists, and regulatory professionals, along with our world-class manufacturing facilities, enable BedoukianBio to provide top-quality semiochemicals and biochemical products to target a variety of insects, and we offer the regulatory support required to integrate our technical grade active ingredients into your formulated products.

Interlocked hnads indicating how Bedoukian uses its leadership role as a flavor and frageance supplier to have an impact in the world.

Dedicated to Our Customers and Our Planet

BedoukianBio pheromones are designed to control pest populations with minimal impact on the environment. BedoukianBio’s pheromones utilize biodegradable, reduced-risk, and environmentally-sustainable chemistry that closely mimics naturally occurring compounds.  Pheromones and semiochemicals are target-specific and therefore do not negatively impact pollinators and other beneficial insects.  Semiochemicals and pheromones are an essential part of any integrated pest management plan.        


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