BedoukianBio Announces Commercial Availability of Clothes Moth Pheromones

BedoukianBio is pleased to announce the availability of Bedoukian #P5100-85, e,z-2,13-OCTADECADIENAL, and Bedoukian #P5300-85, e-2-Octadecenal, as pheromones specifically designed to manage the infestation of Tineola Biselliella.  The process has been improved, making both of these two chemicals available in larger quantities.

Tineola Bisselliella, known as the common clothes moth, clothing moth or webbing clothes moth, is a fungus moth.  The larvae of the clothes moth (caterpillars) are a serious pest, as they often feed on natural fibers including wool, silk, cotton, linen and fur.  They cost consumers and the textile industry millions of dollars in damage.  They also are known to eat stored foods, such as grains including bran, semolina and wheat flour impacting even more businesses.

The clothes moth’s historic range is much of Eurasia (including northern Africa and north of the Himalayas).  However, in more modern times, the moths have been transported by humans to other localities including as far south as Australia so they are now essentially a world-wide problem. 

David Bedoukian, Vice President of Sales for BedoukianBio said, “BedoukianBio strives to identify pests that are causing significant damage and where pheromones can help contribute to the solution.  We are excited to advance our ability to make P5300-85 and P5100-85 available for large commercial orders so that these pheromones can be incorporated into end-use products that will ultimately reduce the impact the clothes moth has on businesses and consumers around the world.”   Please see our spec sheet for P5100-85 or P5300-85  and feel free to contact us at [email protected] for pricing.