BedoukianBio Announces New Pheromone to Address Olive Fruit Fly Infestation

BedoukianBio, the leader in pheromone and semiochemical technical grade active ingredient registrations in the US, is excited to announce the addition of a new pheromone to help control the problematic olive fruit fly. It is now available for manufacturing use of end-use agricultural products.

The olive fruit fly (Bactrocera oleae) is the most serious insect pest of both cultivated and wild olive trees. This pest is a major problem in the Mediterranean, where large areas of land are dedicated to olive agriculture. The olive fruit fly has also been found in South and Central Africa, the Middle East, as well as the U.S. and Mexico.

Infestations by the olive fruit fly can cause severe reduction in both quality and quantity of olive production. Once the larvae of this pest begin to feed on the fruit, it directly reduces yield by destroying the pulp and causing the fruit to drop prematurely. A secondary infection may also occur, as bacteria and fungi can enter the damaged fruit causing rot and an increase in the acidity level of the oil.

Reports indicate that the olive fruit fly has been responsible for up to 80% loss of oil value due to lower quality and quantity and 100% loss of crop for some growers. The European threshold for olive fruit fly damage is 10% for olive oil production, and only 1% for table olives, meaning the utilization of effective control methods against this pest is very important for olive farmers.  

BedoukianBio has addressed these issues with its new olive fruit fly pheromone 1,7-DIOXASPIRO[5.5]UNDECANE (olean) – BRI #P1100-98. This sex pheromone attracts the olive fruit fly so the pheromone is often used for monitoring pest populations and mass trapping.  Bedoukian began offering the olive fruit fly pheromone in 2023 and it has already become a major product.

David Bedoukian, Vice President of Sales for BedoukianBio, commented, “We are very excited about our new olive fruit fly pheromone.  This pheromone offers manufacturers of end-use agricultural products to create new economical solutions to address olive fruit fly infestation.  Since this is not an insecticide, it does not have the environmental problems that are often common with other solutions.”  David continued, “We are confident that BedoukianBio’s olive fruit fly pheromone will lead to economically viable solutions to protect olive crops.”