BPIA Annual Meeting is a Success for BedoukianBio

The Biological Products Industry Alliance (BPIA) Annual Meeting was held in Reno, Nevada on February 20-22, 2023.  Jeffrey Sanderson, Registrations Specialist for BedoukianBio, and Frédérique de Lame, Registrations Manager for BedoukianBio, both attended.

The BPIA meeting included presentations and discussions from industry experts, non-profits, and regulatory agencies.  Seminars were also available on a variety of topics including the recent re-authorization of the Pesticide Registration Improvement Act.  A highlight of the meeting was the closing plenary session where growers, from different parts of the country and specializing in a variety of crops, were invited to describe their experience selecting, evaluating, and using biological products in their operations.

BedoukianBio’s Frédérique de Lame was a panelist for the session titled, “What is Going on with Inerts at the National Organics Standard Board.”  She also actively participated in BPIA’s response to the USDA’s Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to redefine the list of inert ingredients allowed in pesticides used for organic production in December.

The two-day event allowed for many networking opportunities and BedoukianBio met with representatives from many regulatory and non-profit agencies including the US Environmental Protection Agency, Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency, and the Organic Materials Review Institute.  Meetings were also held with customers, consultants and contract testing facilities.

Frédérique  de Lame commented, “Bedoukian is a long-standing member of the BPIA and other industry groups and supports the collaborative efforts these associations make possible to advance issues impacting semiochemical products.  It was great to attend the event and experience the benefits of our association in person.”

Jeffrey Sanderson had similar thoughts, “Gathering with others in our industry and being able to exchange ideas with them is invaluable to the operations of our business and will help advance the efforts and use of BedoukianBio’s semiochemicals to the benefit of our customers.”