Bedoukian Receives 2021 Ecovadis Silver Medal

Bedoukian Research, Inc. (BRI) received a 2021 Ecovadis Silver Medal. Ecovadis is a Corporate Social Responsibility platform that scores companies in the categories of Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement. This was BRI’s first time participating in Ecovadis and we are proud to have attained a silver medal ranking. We look forward … Read more

Bedoukian’s, Lacey Cole to Moderate BPIA Webinar

Join us on Wednesday, October 28th at 3:00 PM (EST) for BPIA’s Efficient Efficacy Webinar which will focus on the role efficacy requirements play in product development and sales. Moderated by one of Bedoukian’s very own, Technical Sales and Registrations Manager-Biopesticides, Lacey Cole will oversee the webinar as industry experts discuss the challenges and opportunities … Read more

Your Vote Matters!

Bedoukian Research, Inc. strongly believes in the importance of voting, and this year the pandemic has made voting even more difficult. To help our employees exercise their right to vote, we have decided to add Election Day as an additional holiday every two years. We encourage everyone to use their voice and vote. 

Joint Development Announcement

Danbury, CT- Bedoukian Research, Inc. (BRI) and P2 Science, Inc. (P2) announce the signing of a Joint Development Agreement that builds on each company’s expertise in developing efficient routes to synthesize insect pheromones. Bedoukian Research, Inc. is a global leader in the supply of high-quality insect pheromones as well as flavors and fragrances. P2 has … Read more

Bedoukian’s Coronavirus Response

Update: Tuesday, March 24, 2020. In response to the current coronavirus crisis, Bedoukian has produced 137 gallons of emergency hand sanitizer to be donated to healthcare professionals and local organizations throughout the community. During this difficult time, we are grateful to be in a position to give back and will continue to show our support … Read more

Purdue Names New Organic Chemistry Lab after Bedoukian Research

In the Fall of 2020, Purdue University will open their new STEM Building – Chemistry and Biology Labs, where the Organic Chemistry Lab will be named after Bedoukian Research. These labs, built to be an interactive and collaborative space, are estimated to serve up to 15,000 undergraduates per year. Bedoukian Research is incredibly excited to be … Read more

Bedoukian Bio has Acquired New Line of Plant Stimulant Products

Bedoukian Bio has acquired the technology assets of New Biology Inc.  The product line includes ready-to-use sprays and concentrates for promoting healthier garden plants. These products incorporate patent protected technology that triggers the jasmonic acid plant hormone pathway, which is the plant’s natural way of enhancing defenses to environmental stress.  The products enhance resistance to … Read more

Bedbug Troubles? BRI Mix to the Fix!

Joint evaluation by researchers at The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station (CAES) and Bedoukian Research, Inc. published interesting results for those who aspire to travel the world….or just down the street to the local Holiday Inn. Naturally occurring (or structurally related) compounds were tested for their effectiveness as bed bug repellents in experiments designed to mimic … Read more

BPIA 2018

The Biopesticide Industry Alliance (, which is dedicated to advancing knowledge about biopesticides, will hold their 2018 Spring Meeting & International Symposium on March 5-March 9, 2018 in San Diego, California. Strategies and issues in biopesticides, biostimulants, and global challenges will be presented and discussed during this five day event. Lacey Jenson, Semiochemical Registrations Manager, … Read more